Enjoy your essential oils with our handmade aromatherapy jewelry. Just add a drop or two of your favorite oil and start wearing!

Shown below are some examples of jewelry we have made. If you would like to purchase an item shown below, please identify what you would like by the number listed below the item. All orders are based on the availability of beads. If a particular bead(s) are not available, we will match as close as possible.

All jewelry can be custom made for you. If you have a favorite color or colors, our designer would be happy to discuss with you what you would like.


All prices are plus shipping and handling. We reserve the right to change prices at any time.

Number 1   $15

Number 2   $15

Number 3   $15

Number 4   $15

Number 5   $15

Number 6   $15

Number 7   $15

Number 8   $15

Number 9   $15

Number 10   $15

Number 11   $15

Number 12   $15

Number 13   $15

Number 14   $15

Number 15   $8

Number 16   $8

Number 17   $12

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